About Us

At Drum Works Furniture. our focus is on craftsmanship and unique ideas.  After creating a buzz at the  Int'l Home Furnishing Market, things are growing fast.


Drum Works Furniture utilizes recycled 55 gallon steel drums to form seating, bars, shop cabinets and outdoor seats as well. Plus...we have an almost never ending flow of new and innovative designs.


 Our recycled and repurposed steel drum furniture are offered in a variety of colors, finishes and designs. We welcome custom orders from retailers and decorators. We feature environmentally friendly powder coated finishes instead of paint, and the best hardware as well as modern  fabrication techniques and processes.

Our Team

Richard Oakley

Chief Designer

Telephone: 336-434-7283

E-mail: rich@drumworksfurniture.com

Michael Ilardi 

Assembly Supervisor


E-mail: mike@drumworksfurniture.com

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                                         email: shelleysamaan@gmail.com

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Super Strong Holds 500 Lbs. !

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